Challenges in the Entertainment Industry | Steven Gagnon Element Media Group

Every industry faces different trends, demands, and challenges. This goes for the entertainment industry as well – an industry that has been heavily impacted following the events of 2020. They say that if an industry can’t adapt, it is doomed to fail. The entertainment industry has been struggling to adapt when people want more on-demand entertainment, moreContinue reading “Challenges in the Entertainment Industry | Steven Gagnon Element Media Group”

Life Lessons Learned Through Sports | Steven Gagnon Element Media Group

There are many lessons to learn in life. Some of the greatest lessons a person can learn come through more approachable means, such as through sports. Sports are fun and exciting – both to play and to watch. Yet they can also teach us important lessons about life, other people, and even ourselves. Commitment Playing sports requires commitment.Continue reading “Life Lessons Learned Through Sports | Steven Gagnon Element Media Group”

The Best Soccer Podcasts to Listen To

The sport of soccer goes back more than 2,000 years. Many claim to have discovered the sport, and there are historical records in ancient China. Rome, Greece, and parts of Central America. However, England formed it into the modern game of football that we all know today. In America, the sport is referred to as soccer,Continue reading “The Best Soccer Podcasts to Listen To”

Debunking Myths of the Entertainment Industry

When it comes to the entertainment industry, people on the outside looking in have many fantastical notions of how it must be. As a civilian, it’s easy to imagine that every day is a fun adventure full of excitement and luxurious pampering. Here are a few misconceptions about the industry that most people believe. It’s a glamorousContinue reading “Debunking Myths of the Entertainment Industry”

Who You Need to Hire When Launching Your Startup

As an eager entrepreneur, you will need several elements to make your business a success. The first thing will be a product or service that others think is a good idea, not just you. Ninety percent of all startups fail within the first five years because of a flawed business model. The second reason is a shortageContinue reading “Who You Need to Hire When Launching Your Startup”

The History of Crystal Palace Football Club

Known as the oldest professional soccer club in the world, Crystal Palace Football Club has an extensive history of playing the beautiful game. The Crystal Palace FC technically began with the workers of Crystal Palace, which was an enormous exhibition hall constructed in glass. After this club was dissolved in the 1870s, a second clubContinue reading “The History of Crystal Palace Football Club”

Social Is Impacting the Entertainment Industry

No matter what industry you’re in, there is bound to be some change. This is especially true for the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is driven by trends and the lifestyle of everyday people. One way the industry has been impacted over the years is through the rise of social media. Fame Isn’t the SameContinue reading “Social Is Impacting the Entertainment Industry”

How to Get Your Startup Started

Getting your business up off its feet can be a real challenge. It takes hard work, dedication, and––most importantly––time. Many entrepreneurs struggle to take their brilliant idea and make it into a business. Most of the time they’re not sure how to get there and it takes them longer than they’d hoped for. While it’sContinue reading “How to Get Your Startup Started”

The Best Soccer Teams Around the World

All around the world, soccer teams, or football in most countries, strive to be the best. To be a great soccer team and be notable worldwide, the team must demonstrate how well they play the magnificent game, have at least one trophy, played in a climate of high technical standards, and to have prevailed on top through anContinue reading “The Best Soccer Teams Around the World”

Knowing When You Need a New PR Team

Whether you are new to the entertainment industry or know a thing or two about the business, it’s imperative to have the right public relations (PR) team. A PR team can easily make or break your success and career. The right PR team can be used to protect, enhance, or build reputations and your image through theContinue reading “Knowing When You Need a New PR Team”

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