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Steven Gagnon on Career Ideas for Sports Enthusiasts

There are billions of passionate sports fans all over the world. There is just something inexplicably exciting about watching elite athletes compete at the highest levels. While watching games as a fan is always a good time, you can get the most out of your passion by getting a job in a sports career. TheseContinue reading “Steven Gagnon on Career Ideas for Sports Enthusiasts”

Steven Gagnon on Tips for Getting Sponsorship in Films

Sponsorship is an integral part of the film industry. It helps filmmakers cover their costs, and it also gives them a chance to connect with people who care about their work. You can find sponsors for your film in many ways, but these four tips will help you get started on the right foot. Start a BlogContinue reading “Steven Gagnon on Tips for Getting Sponsorship in Films”

Steven Gagnon on The Importance of Mentorship in Business

It is so easy for one to dismiss the role of mentors in business, especially in the digital age, since they can easily find any information they need. Nevertheless, the internet and other sources of information might lack crucial advice that one can only get from a business mentor. It is also worth noting that theContinue reading “Steven Gagnon on The Importance of Mentorship in Business”

Steven Gagnon on Historic Soccer Moments

Soccer has been around since the 1860s, leaving plenty of room for iconic moments to flood the scene. Every sport has them – those memorable moments that every fan will hold dear to their hearts. Or the moments that fans love to hate. It’s safe to say that soccer has more than its fair share of historicalContinue reading “Steven Gagnon on Historic Soccer Moments”

Steven Gagnon on Top Podcasts To Stay Up-to-Date About the Entertainment Industry

Podcasts have changed the name of the game, allowing listeners to stay up-to-date in whatever their passion may be, all while being entertained. There are now hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, which means that there’s a podcast for nearly every niche and interest out there. This is a massive boon for those interestedContinue reading “Steven Gagnon on Top Podcasts To Stay Up-to-Date About the Entertainment Industry”

Steven Gagnon on Essential Books for Entrepreneurs to Read

Entrepreneurs are busy people – they have businesses to run and new skills to pick up. The simple truth is that entrepreneurs are always learning, either through experience or through the words of others. Naturally, one of the best ways to learn something new is through reading books, and there are thousands of books regardingContinue reading “Steven Gagnon on Essential Books for Entrepreneurs to Read”

What It Takes to Get Into the Olympics | Steven Gagnon

The Tokyo Olympics are in full swing, which means there’s one question on everyone’s mind: what does it take to get into the Olympics? Everyone knows that it must take grit, determination, and talent, but what else? Most Olympic athletes have dedicated their entire lives to participating in the Olympics. It took years of work, countless hours listeningContinue reading “What It Takes to Get Into the Olympics | Steven Gagnon”

Building a Portfolio in the Entertainment Industry | Steven Gagnon

For many industries, an individual must have an impressive portfolio to stand a chance at getting their dream jobs. This is especially true in the entertainment industry, where the resume is only half the battle. The look of one’s portfolio may change, depending on their specialty. A photographer’s portfolio will naturally look vastly different from anContinue reading “Building a Portfolio in the Entertainment Industry | Steven Gagnon”

Best Email Practices for Entrepreneurs | Steven Gagnon

Entrepreneurs are busy and social people. As such, they deal with countless people throughout the day – handling calls, heading to meetings, and responding to emails. As such, a successful entrepreneur should take the time to discover the best email practices for their style. Email can be an effective and productive way to communicate – both withContinue reading “Best Email Practices for Entrepreneurs | Steven Gagnon”

Entrepreneurial Trends for 2021 | Steven Gagnon Element Media Group

Every year new businesses have to learn, adapt, and change their strategies based on growing trends. Naturally, this means that entrepreneurs must be even more willing to fight to stay ahead of the curve. Advancements in technology, changing demands, environmental and socioeconomic events all have impacts on the business world. A savvy entrepreneur knows howContinue reading “Entrepreneurial Trends for 2021 | Steven Gagnon Element Media Group”